TFCB 2020 Annual Auction ONLINE

With the Pandemic there have been very few opportunities for local breeders and hobbyist to exchange fish, plants and other hobby related items.  TFCB will host their first annual ONLINE auction, with all items ending on Saturday October 31 at 9PM.  Lots will be exchanged on Sunday November 1st, please keep contact at a minimum, wear masks, social distancing and have exact change when paying .  To allow for a more diverse auction, we will make a trip to Massachusetts to deliver and pickup fish too.  Auction lot registration will open on October 24th, but the site is now open to register yourself and review the full rules.

Attached is a flyer with rules too, please share this with your fellow hobbyist friends.

tfcb auctionflyer-2020

auction rules w ma 2020