All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2024

Come celebrate TFCB’s 35th anniversary at the

All-Aquarium Catfish Convention 2024

Friday, November 1st though Sunday, November 3rd, 2024.

Delta Hotel, South Burlington

The All-Aquarium Catfish Convention will continue with the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington hosting the 10th CatCon in Burlington, VT! You will enjoy world-class speakers on a variety of catfish topics, CatCon’s trademark Spree on Three becomes Fun on One!*, a large varied vendor room, a tour of Burlington’s renowned microbreweries, a raffle of selected rare catfish/tropical fish, the Saturday Night Banquet and keynote speaker, a Giant Sunday auction, hospitality suite and lots of social interaction with fellow aquarists. Share your interests, learn from others and undoubtedly take home some new and interesting fishes!


Make plans now to attend and check Vermont off your bucket list!!


*To reserve a sleeping room on the first floor for Fun on One you must be selling fish related items and you must contact us after reserving your hotel suite in order to be assigned a room.  Simply reserving a suite will NOT get you a suite on the first floor.  Use the “Contact Us’ button at the bottom of this page.

Event Sponsors


Want to become a sponsor?  Speaker sponsorships start at $100 – contact Rob Hintze for more information.

Thanks to the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society for hosting the first 9 conventions!



Times and speaker order are subject to change.  Check back for updates!


Time Event
9:00am-12:00pm Vendor Room Setup
10:00am-7:30pm Registration Open
11:30am-4:00pm Field Trip Microbrew Tour
12:00pm-8:00pm Vendor Room Open
4:30pm-5:45pm Hans Evers, “Cory News”
5:45pm-6:30pm Happy Hour
6:30pm-8:00pm Dinner and Kickoff
8:00pm Fun on One! Hospitality Suite


Time Event
8:30am-12pm Registration
8:30am-5:30pm Vendor Room open
9:00am Oliver Lucanus, Xingu River
10:15am Regina Spotti, “Spawning MY Favorite Oddballs, Part 1 (Ladies go first!)”
11:30am Haakon Haagensen, “Twig Catfish”
12:30pm Rare Fish Raffle Pull, Lunch
1:30pm Daniel Konn-Vetterlein, Collecting in South America
2:45pm Eric Bodrock, “Spawning MY Favorite Oddballs Part 2”
4:00pm Oliver Lucanus, “Synodontis Habitats”
5:15pm Happy Hour
6:00pm Banquet Dinner with MC Shane Linder and keynote speaker Hans Evers, “A Journey to the Upper Trombetas”
8:45pm Rare Fish Raffle Pulls
9:00pm Hospitality Suite


Time Event
8:30-10:30am Drop off preregistered lots, Register auction lots, Get bidder cards
8:30am Vendor Room open
11:00am Lot viewing opens
11:00am Auction begins. Free and open to public!
12:00pm Hotel checkout time


Eric Bodrock

Hans Evers

Haakon Haagensen

Daniel Konn-Vetterlein

Oliver Lucanus

Regina Spotti

and Shane Linder as our MC for the weekend

Speaker info