TFCB 2022 Calendar

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2022 upcoming meetings


Oct 22-29, lot exchange on 10/30 – TFCB online auction

Nov 10th – Aquarium Plants – featuring donations from Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Dec 8th – Holiday meeting


Previous 2022

Jan 13th – online general chat

Feb 10th – Gerald Griffin, Anabantoids, online, link below

March 10th – Amber Menard, “Running Natural Planted Aquariums”, online, link below

April 14th – Charles Clapsaddle – “Raising Magnificent Mollies in a Large Recirculating Aquaculture System” 

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May 12th – Ann Whitman – Farowellas

June 9th – Tom Grady – Killifish
online auction

Summer – picnic TBD

Sept 8th – Don Danko, Central American Cichlids, speaker remote

Oct 13th – Andreas Tanke, Spawning of plecos – basics and examples




TFCB 2022 Calendar