About Us

The Purpose of TFCB

Formed in 1989, the Tropical Fish Club of Burlington is a not-for-profit group of people who share common interests related to raising and breeding freshwater and marine fish and aquatic plants in captivity. The purposes of TFCB, according to the club constitution, are:

  1. To exchange ideas about aquarium life.
  2. To increase and disseminate the knowledge of aquarium keeping as a
    non-profit service to aquarists everywhere.
  3. To encourage the breeding, raising, and showing of tropical, marine
    and native fish.
  4. To encourage the preservation of our tropical, marine and native

The club has open meetings once a month, an annual picnic in the summer, and a less than annual Fish Show and Auction in early May some years. The club also publishes a newsletter, In Depth, which is distributed to its membership once a month or so, thanks to the tireless efforts of our editor, Ann Whitman. The newsletter includes reports from the club officers, articles from its members, reprinted articles from other clubs’ newsletters and from the internet, and information about upcoming fish-related events.

Our membership consists of many adults, and several children and adolescents. People of all ages and experience levels are always welcome. Many members are very experienced and have been keeping fish for years, and others are just getting started. Most of our members live in the Chittenden County area, but we have some members who drive in from New York state, New Hampshire, all over Vermont, and some folks who come down from the Montreal area.