Fall 2009 Calendar

Sept 10 -This presentation will benefit all marine and reef hobbyists! Mr. Fellman is a nationally recognized marine and reef hobbyist and is being sponsored by The Tropical Fish Club of Burlington and the Vermont Marine Aquarists at their combined monthly meeting. Mr. Fellman has presented a variety of topics at national conferences and many local aquarium groups. He is a very enthusiastic speaker, is very knowledgeable and presents his topics in a very down to earth approach. This is a great opportunity to see a very informative presentation, even if you don’t have saltwater aquariums, or haven’t even been thinking about starting one, you SHOULD be at this meeting! Free door prizes, great auction items. Free admission. 7PM at the VFW in Burlington. Contact David Banks, 802-372-8716 dbanks@together.net. www.tfcb.org or www.saltwatervt.org

Oct 15th – meeting will feature Steve Lundblad on Rift Lake Cichlids. Note, the Oct meeting is on the third Thursday of the month. This will be a great fall lineup, hope to see everyone at both meetings! And save Saturday

Nov 8 – our all day auction will be at the VFW in Burlington. Lots of great new aquarium related items, used items and many fish and live plants. More information will be available soon.