Karen Randall Speaking!!!

TFCB thanks Karen and the Pet Advantage for a very successful, educational and fun evening!

Karen Randall, “Practical Aquascaping” and “Nano Tanks”

Sunday March 18, 5:30PM

In Cooperation with The Pet Advantage, Best Western Conference Center

Door Prizes – Free Admission

Practical Aquascaping

Have you ever thought of trying your hand at a planted aquarium and didn’t know where to begin?  Or worse, tried some plants in your existing tank and failed miserably?  Karen will teach you how to meet your plant’s basic needs, and how to be successful with a planted tank, whether it is a low light, low maintenance “planted fish tank” or a top end tank designed to support the most demanding plants.

Having Fun with Nano Tanks

The title says it all!  These little gems have become increasingly popular, and with proper set-up and maintenance, can be very stable long term.  Just be forewarned – A nano tank on your desk can also be a huge (if fun!) distraction!