Annual Auction, Sunday Oct 30th

thanks you to these sponsors, and everyone that sold items, bough titmes and helped out, it was a very successful auction!  Please check out the sponsors web pages to see more info on the products they donated.

Cichlid Press
Tannin Aquatics
Cichlid News
The Pleco Feeder

Amazonas/Coral Magazine
Florida Aquatic Nurseries
Sera USA
Cobalt Aquatics


Our all day annual auction took place on Sunday Oct 30th at the Holiday Inn on Williston Rd, South Burlington.  The room started filling up before 11 and the auction was underway shortly after noon.  For reference, we will leave the following links up.




word doc version of vendor form

Bowl show will be held during our auction, flyer and rules are here.


Auction list so far, plus many donations:

1 gal slate bottom metaframe tank
3 otocinclus
3 pygmy gouramis
6 harloquin rasboras
A australe 97/24, cape estueries, pr
a. australe gold lyretail
albino ancistrus
Amatitliana siquia
Ameca splendens, pr
Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana stardust
Aulonocara ngara, flame tail peacock, male
beaded fish key thing
betta vase
Bio balls
Blue shrimp
bos filter and sponges
Brazilian pennywort
bristle nose plecos
bristle nose plecos
Buce “catherinae”
Bunt lower sword blonde guppy, pr
crimson creek rainbow
cryptoheros sajica
Cyanotilipia afra
dwarf water lettuce
Geophagus steindachneri
giant ramshorn snails
Gold Severum
goodieds ( gracilis )
greman blue ram
java fern
Java fern “narrow leaf”
java fern matt
Java fern windelov
Java moss
Jewel Cichlid
keyhole cichlids
Labidochromis “lemon yellow”
latacara curviceps
LED light strip blue
odessa barbs
pearl gourami
pink tuxedo guppy, pr
Poecelia mexicana
pr kribs
Rit_volt grounding probe
Russian Red guppy, pr
self cloning crayfish
siamese algae eater
snow ball shrimp
spawning mops
Synodontis petricola
tank décor
vallisneria – dwarf
vinegar eels
water soft pillows
water sprite
white worms
zodiac loach
Zoogoneticus tequila


Apistogramma cacatuoides Triple Red
Epiplatus faciolatus
Flame moss
Fundulapanchax garderni Innedere
Java Fern
Marineland cord organizer kit
microworm culture
Pelvicachromis taeniatus Lokunje
Susswassertang plant
vinegar eel starter culture
Water sprite
white worm culture
Zoo Med Coral Blue 18” T8 new

PLANT Silent AUCTION: something new for us this year. We will have a silent auction table setup for aquarium plants. You will be able to bid of these items until 1PM, at that time the high bidder will win the item. If there are no bids, the item will be placed in the regular auction. We are expecting a donation from Florida Aquatic Plants, plus individuals can opt to place their plants in the silent auction. All silent auction items must have an auction lot#.

Thanks to Florida Aquatic Nurseries for their wonderful plant donation, here is page1 and page2 of the list of plants they sent