TFCB speaker lineup

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7PM at the VFW hall in Burlington

March 11th meeting will feature Robert DiMarco from Montreal presenting “Clowning around in Montreal”. This talk deals with my development of Clownfish rearing in my home from the original very basic setup to the construction of a dedicated fish room where 9 varieties of Clownfish and one species of shrimp were raised.

April 8th meeting will be talk on freshwater shrimp by Patrick Lin, also from Montreal! Shrimp are a very new and interesting part of the hobby.

May 13 we have scheduled David Lass from the Boston area to speak, we have tentatively decided on a program about lighting, but he is working on a few other programs as well.

June 10 we have scheduled Steve Edie from St Louis to Speak on Tanganyikan Cichlids. Steve is on the Board for the American Cichlid Association and has kept Tanganyikan cichlids for many years. You may know Steve as he has been a regular at the NEC convention for many years. Steve will also speak at Montreal and Pittsford club meetings too. ”