TFCB Calendar 2016

Oct 11, SPECIAL meeting, Holiday Inn, Williston Rd. Hans Evers, “Stories from a Tropical Living Room, Habitats of Corydoras Catfish”  download flyer

Oct 30, TFCB All Day Auction, Fish , live plants, new and used aquarium items.  Holiday Inn, Williston Rd, opens at 11AM, auction starts 12 noon.  download flyer

Nov 10th – TFCB meeting, VFW, Essex Junction, starts at 6:30

Dec 8th – annual holiday meeting, location TBD


Jan 14th – Ira Gardner-Morse “building LED light fixtures workshop”  Each paid member that attends will be able to build their own LED light fixture 24-30” for free.

Feb 11th – member workshops, Dave Isham, Andrew Bessy and Richard Weinberg

Mar 12th – Justin Credabel, SPEACIAL meeting, Holiday Inn, Williston Rd, South Burlington, 1PM, Reef and Marine Hot Topics!

Apr 14th - Steve Edie, ACA and Zoomed Sponsors, “Tanganyikan Cichlids and the Name Game”

May 12th – Ann Whitman, outdoor tubs

June 9th – Caroline Estes, “What fish go in what size tank”

Sept 8th – TFCB meeting, Livy Strong, Her Trip to the Galapagos Islands, VFW, Essex Junction, starts at 6:30