Submit an article or photo for In Depth, get paid ( maybe anyways! )

To increase newsletter contributions, the Board discussed creating an incentive program. Beginning with the February newsletter, each submission will earn one raffle ticket.

  • A submission is defined as an original, stand-alone photograph or illustration, an article or column.
  • A column or article that is submitted with original, supporting photos or illustrations will earn two tickets.
  • The submissions must be published to earn the tickets. At the June 2016 meeting, six tickets will be drawn. In subsequent years, ten tickets will be drawn at the June meeting.
  • Each winning ticket is worth $20 in TFCB bucks that can be redeemed for membership dues or used at auctions and events for which the club charges a fee.
  • Ann will keep track of submissions and tickets earned.

The March issue will be our annual printed issue, please consider writing something for this now!  This will have a color cover and back page, and a color centerfold.  The on line version will be all color, as will all other issues.  An article does not need to be an in depth  ( pun intended! ) and long article, something short and simple would be great too. Pictures are also needed for both covers but also to add to the newsletter experience.

Thanks for making In Depth a great club newsletter!